The Sama AL Ebtikar Foundation for Sustainable Development in the city of Diwaniyah held a two-day workshop in which it discussed training local government institutions in Diwaniyah


For his part, the participants praised the establishment of this type of workshop at a time when they called for its continuation in order to complete the updating of sustainable development indicators related to climate change and its effects on the environmental reality.

The workshop concluded with several courses, the most important of which was focusing on the work of environmental journalism and working to implement it on the ground

It is noteworthy that Sama AL Ebtikar previously implemented several workshops concerned with sustainable development, focusing on topics related to climate change and researching ways to solve them.

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جلسات حوارية تفضي لحل مشاكل مجتمعية وتعطي مؤشرات لتحسين السياسة المحلية بقضايا البيئة والمناخ

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